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Fibre Design is a composite and polyurethane component manufacturing company. Acquired in 2009 by motivated and passionate entrepreneurs committed to their clients’ satisfaction, Fibre Design quickly stood out for its high quality products, respect for delivery deadlines, ability to collaborate and especially for its integrity.

Constantly attentive to its clients, Fibre Design’s technical team does not hesitate to propose innovative and advantageous solutions at the forefront of the industry.


Founded in 1991, Fibre Design is a composite and polyurethane component manufacturing company. Its main activity sector is in the specialized transportation field: ambulances, trains, grooming vehicles, armored and adapted trucks, Canadian Army tanks, planes, etc.

In 2009, the company is acquired by Richard Doucet and Daniel Rancourt. Owners of Sum RD Corporation, a consulting firm specializing in polyurethane and robotization, they count on this new acquisition to expand their fields of activity.


Fibre Design’s vision is one of developing and promoting the use of polyurethane in the world of composits as well as in the manufacturing field as a whole. Fibre Design thus targets 2 goals:

  • Providing added value to products traditionally produced in fiberglass
  • Extending it's fields of activity by increasing robotized processes

Management Team

Richard Doucet

Co-owner of Fibre Design, Richard is mainly responsible for business and engineering development.

  • 10 years of experience as an engineer with the company
  • Co-founder of Sum RD Corporation
  • 20 years of experience in the fields of polyurethane and industrial equipment maintenance.

Huge defender of his convictions and teamwork, he implemented numerous projects first considered as ''unrealizable''.

Daniel Rancourt

Co-owner of Fibre Design, Daniel manages manufacturing operations and also leads and integrates all new technical projects.

  • 10 years of experience in manufacturing maintenance.
  • Co-founder of Sum RD Corporation
  • 10 years of experience with polyurethane injection processe

His great reliability, his hard work and his tenacity demonstrate his inherent willpower to satisfy clients. Values he shares with his entire team.

Isabelle Proulx

Isabelle began her career with Fibre Design in manufacturing, so she knows perfectly well the company’s inner workings. Isabelle is the operation assistant and works in close cooperation with management. Not only does she manage inventory, but she also plans production, keeps records and acts as the receptionist when you contact us.

Corinne Simard

Corinne is responsible for human resources. She hires staff members, provides payroll services and is responsible for health and safety at work. With many years of experience as a manager in a large manufacturing company, she also contributes to establishing the methods in the process of continuous improvement.


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