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A Highly Precise Robotized Cutting

Fibre Design’s team has conceived of and launched a 6-axis + 6-axis robotized cutting cell. In fact, the cell combines the 6-axis of a first robot used to manipulate components so as to be cut with the 6-axis of a second robot which manipulates a cutting motor with interchangeable adapters used to cut, sandblast, drill, etc.

Thanks to this cutting cell, the robot's work is maximized and human intervention in a dusty environment is minimized. Very complex pieces of various sizes can be cut with extreme accuracy and constant repeatability.

The strictness of Fibre Design’s industrial cutting solution will meet the required accuracy of even the most complex projects.

3-Axis CNC

Our 3-axis CNC is available 24/7 for large scale cutting operations. Whether it’s a 2D cutting or a cutting with low relief effect, the CNC can deliver these cuts on various materials such as wood, composite, polyurethane, plastic and many more.

Fibre Design’s programmers are available to answer your needs. Their expertise and their sense of innovation allows them to take on most complex challenges.

In Clients’ Service

Aside from manufacturing expertise, Fibre Design’s differentiates itself from its competition by its capacity to understand its clients needs and its willpower to find solutions and exceed expectations.

Contacts us to talk about your project!

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