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Added with the arrival of the new management team, Fibre Design now offers expertise in the manufacturing of polyurethane components. With the ability deliver on large volume contracts, Fibre Design services the transportation, construction, furniture and medical fields, among others. 

Fibre Design distinguishes itself from the competition by the high quality of its components, but especially by its capacity to deliver ready-to-use and/or pre-assembled parts. The company's large production area allows for the use of all the equipment needed to realize every step of the process, no matter the size of your project.

Polyurethane Molding

Polyurethane is a material that presents a broad spectrum of possible uses and mechanical properties. Its versatility makes it the material of choice for a multitude of applications ranging from tools to cosmetics. Depending on your project, Fibre Design offers injection molding using both open and closed molds allowing for the production of small and large projects, regardless of complexity and density.

Types of Applications

Technology in the Service of Innovation

An experienced team combined with automated installations offer great reliability and extreme accuracy when it comes to component size and design. Fibre Design’s quality requirements ensure components of unrivaled quality which will surpass industry standards, whether it is transportation, construction or any other.

In Clients’ Service

Aside from manufacturing expertise, Fibre Design’s differentiates itself from its competition by its capacity to understand its clients needs and its willpower to find solutions and exceed expectations.

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