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Flexible Polyurethane Foam (With or Without Viscoelastic Foam)

Flexible polyurethane foam if mainly used for furniture and for vehicle seating (recreational vehicles, buses, cars, etc.).

Rigid Polyurethane Foam

Mostly used for its isolating properties, it also has structural, mechanical and adhesive properties which make it useful as filling for cavities, for floating components and for building panels.

Polyurethane Gel

Polyurethane gel is integrated with flexible foam to add comfort, as used for example with orthopaedic pads.

Integral Skin: Flexible Polyurethane Foam with a Solid Surface

Integral skin foam is polyurethane with a solid external finished surface. These beautiful-looking pieces can be personalised in their texture, finishing (including color) and foam density.

Flexible polyurethane foam with its durable surface can be used with building materials such as wood, steel and aluminum. Solid polyurethane materials are more commonly used in the specialized transportation, medical and furniture fields. Among some of the more common uses, we find steering wheels and office chair armrest.

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